December 26, 2008

Joyeux Noël… and an edgy brownie for you?

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Have you ever gone up to the bakery counter, looked at the goods on display, and just gravitate towards the most basic of dessert heaven? I love me some brownies, but more than that. I love the ones with the most edges. The whole contrast of a crisp, chewy edge, to the fudgy dense center just makes me shiver with delight. Warmedup, and served with a dollop of cream and good quality vanilla bean ice cream, and I truely would be in heaven!

I always ask for the piece with the edges. The problem comes when everyone seems to love it as much as I do! So when I do make these little nuggets of goodness at home, I have to ‘sacrifice’ the good schtuff for my guests, and be left with the (equally tasty) middle bits. Still delicious, but not quite the same.

I had been eyeing the Baker’s Edge Brownie pan (it gives every piece at least 2 edges!)  for the longest time , but could never really make myself take the final step to buy it. I couldn’t justify the purchase for a pan that was just used to make brownies (and blondies), to add a pan to my already massive collection whose sole purpose was just to make brownies. So let me pause from my brownie rambling to tell you how much I love my friend D for getting it for me for Christmas! I LOVED it!!

My kind of brownies are dense, fudgy, luscious. Nutty, but not too much that it overpowers the chocolate. I should be able to get a bite of pure unadulterated chocolaty mouthful if I chose. With as many chewy edges as I can get my hands on. Sweet, but not too sweet – I am pairing this with ice cream, after all!  And one little secret… expresso! You can’t taste it in the end product, but the turbo charge it gives to the chocolate is incredible! Get the premium kind though, or it will be a little acidic and throw the whole taste off!

Brownies are this christmas’ treat from the Brown Sugar Pantry! So, as I prepare to make yet another batch for the rounds of parties this weekend, I leave you with thoughts of making your own batch this week.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas! Or as my new colleagues would say…

Joyeux Noël!!


February 15, 2008

:: the one where… ::

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The lost one found her true calling…

It’s a year since I’ve packed my bags, and moved to Hong Kong. I won’t try and paint a pretty picture that it’s been fun and easy. It hasn’t. But I’ve learnt a lot from this. And I’m all grown up, too. No, I’m not. But I’d like to think I have though. Allow me my idle daydreams…

And while it was but a spark of interest a year ago, in the time that I have been in Hong Kong, it has developed into a passion. Striving to find that perfect recipe, the right balance of flavors, the flawless finish to the celebration cake…

And so, a new chapter begins, as I delve into the culinary world, and try to learn as much as I can in as little time as possible, and hopefully dessert after deliciously baked dessert will pass through my kitchen doors.

I’ve been urged, encouraged to start a food blog, and in all honesty, I did fiddle with the idea for a while. But then Life got in the way, and I procrastinated. I guess the time has finally come. And I’m going to do it.

Ladies and gents, you’re reading the first post of my blog, now dedicated to food, and all things delicious. Working with me is my new Nikon D40, which will hopefully do justice to the scrumptious little things.I love chocolate, and I hope you do too. Because there’s a lot of it coming!


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